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Look out for Ticks!


A tick is a small blood-sucking parasite that is related to spiders.


The Paralysis Tick - Ixodes holocyclus – is the single most dangerous tick for pets in Australia. It is light blue-grey in colour and legs are all up the front.


A single female paralysis tick can lay up to 3,000 eggs at a time.


After attaching and feeding, a paralysis tick starts producing a potent toxin that affects your pet's central nervous system and causes progressive paralysis and possible death.


Although ticks can be found on pets all year round in our tropical areas, now is the time to especially be on the look-out... from June thru to February is when they are more prevalent.


Checking for Ticks

1.  Ticks are very small before they have started to feed, and are easy to miss without a thorough examination. Once ticks are engorged with blood they are larger and easier to feel and spot.

2.  Run your fingers slowly through your pet’s fur down to skin level, feeling for any bumps. It is important that you check the entire body.


3.  A thorough combing within 4-6 hours of exposure to bush or tall grass can help prevent ticks attaching themselves to your pet.


4.  To remove a tick use tweezers, fingernails or a tick removing device to grasp the tick as close as possible to the pet’s skin, and slowly but firmly pull it away from the skin, trying to keep the tick intact.


5.  If the mouthparts of the tick happen to stay in the skin, they may be gently scratched out with a fingernail. The mouth-parts will not inject any more poison once the body has been removed, but it may cause a local reaction to the skin similar to a splinter.


6. If you have any concerns about a paralysis tick affecting your pet, call your closest Tropical Vet Services clinic immediately. All of our clinics offer an after hours emergency service, so for any tick emergency, call your closest clinic and listen for the message that will provide the after hours mobile number to call.




Tick Prevention V$ Treatment


Tick treatment can be very expensive, depending on the size of the animal and the severity of the case - another reason why it is good to check for those ticks every day and catch them very early. Call in and see us for advice on the best paralysis tick protection and prevention for your pet and situation: Babinda (Wed only), Innisfail, Mission Beach (Mon & Fri), Tully, Cardwell (Thurs only), Ingham, North Shore, Townsville or at our new clinic in Ayr.

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