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  Microchipping March!

Is Your Pet Microchipped?
Losing your pet can be devastating.
Your pet is a well-loved member of your family. But even the best cared for pets can escape, stray or be stolen and become lost. A microchip is your pets best chance at being found and returned.         

What is a microchip?
The tiny chip has an identification number that is linked to your name and address and con-tact details on a national registry. The number is as unique as a fingerprint and guarantees identification of your pet for its entire life.
Microchipping is quick and simple.
Your vet will take only a few minutes to inject the microchip under your pet’s skin – just like a vaccination.

Why microchip your pet?
With a microchip your pet is identified for life. This helps ensure that he or she can be re-turned to you, if lost or stolen. Your pet can be identified anywhere in Australia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The registry information is easily updated if you change your address.

If my pet is lost, hurt or stolen, how does it work?
Your pet maybe taken to a ranger, vet clinic, pound or animal welfare shelter. Here, your pet will be scanned to find their unique ID number. This number will be matched to the Australi-an Animal Registry database to find your contact details. You will be contacted and advised that your pet has been found and where you can pick him or her up.

In Queensland it is compulsory that all new pets (dogs and cats) to be micro-chipped. Fines of up to $300 for not having your pet microchipped exist in all council areas.

For the month of March, we are discounting the price of micro-chipping by 20%.
Any dog microchipped this month at our clinics will be entitled to a FREE HYDROBATH on a Saturday morning at any of our main clinics Ayr, North Shore, Ingham, Tully and Innisfail.
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