Soundness examinations are a useful tool for assessing bull reproductive health. Such evaluations can also assist with pre-sale evaluation on young bulls and to investigate bulls for failure to achieve cow pregnancy.

Our veterinarians follow the standardised BULLCHECK Veterinary Bull Breeding Soundness Examination (VBBSE) set of standards. Upon examination, we will identify and gain a history of your bull, making assessments of five key components:

  • A general physical evaluation and examination of the reproductive tract

  • An examination of the testes and scrotal circumference measurement

  • A serving assessment to evaluate libido and serving ability

  • Collection and crush side assessment of a semen sample

  • Laboratory examination of sperm morphology

We recommend that all five components be assessed where possible, especially for higher value bulls or those destined for single sire use or with heavier mating loads.

For more information on bull breeding soundness examinations, call your local Tropical Vets clinic.