About Gener8 Reproduction

Identifying a need for a cattle reproduction service for North Queensland, Chris Giles and his wife Lauren relocated from Rockhampton to Charters Towers in mid-2020 with the ambition of starting a full-time, fully equipped, large animal reproduction centre.

Dr. Callan Solari and Cody Sheahan also shared this ambition, and together Chris, Callan and Cody formed Gener8 Reproduction. Although Gener8 began operating in late 2020, the business officially launched at the largest annual stud cattle sales in Northern Australia in February of 2021. With a reputation as the beef capital of Northern Australia, surrounded by cattle production in all directions and hosting the majority of the stud cattle sales held north of Rockhampton, Charters Towers was the ideal location to launch the venture.

Gener8 started from very humble beginnings, initially only servicing a small number of local clients. Chris and Lauren spent long days manually processing and printing straws from their own home using minimal, manual equipment. This property doubled as the first ‘reproduction centre’, housing bulls on-site. As a start-up, and on the back of the incredible support from the North Qld beef industry, Gener8 was able to direct all profits back into the business, continually upgrading plant and equipment. Initial re-investment was poured into electronic and automated equipment, significantly increasing the capacity and quality control as the demand for semen production continued to rise.

Before long, Gener8 Reproduction had purchased a 100-acre property in the Charters Towers region to serve as the permanent home of the centre. Permanent infrastructure to house bulls worth upwards of $150 000, a purpose-built laboratory, and storage facility to house genetic material was quickly added, creating a fully fledge large animal reproduction centre.

As the business grew, so did the service area - but servicing a larger area meant long periods of travel and an increased risk of samples losing their integrity. To ensure clients from further afield also had access to the same standard of care as those nearer to town, a mobile laboratory was established. This hit the road in 2022, enabling the provision of high-quality services for clients from central Queensland to the Atherton Tablelands. Additionally, this mobile lab has given Gener8 the ability to provide fresh semen Fixed-Time AI programs.

Gener8 Reproduction now provides specialist reproduction services across North Queensland. Click here to find out more about Gener8's services.

Gener8 Reproduction offers a variety of reproductive services, including:

  • Semen collection and processing

  • Artificial breeding

  • Storage and logistics

  • Ordering and sales

Please contact Gener8 Reproduction on (07) 3733 1520 or via email info@gener8repro.com for more information.