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For all kinds of pets.... it's Tropical Vets

For all kinds of pets.... it's Tropical Vets

COVID UPDATE - 20 December 2021

Under the current Queensland mandate for retail outlets, masks are now mandatory for all persons within our clinics.

We do not require our clients to be fully vaccinated but for the welfare of our entire community we have introduced some additional safety measures:

  • If you do not have a mask, please call on arrival outside the clinic.  A staff member will take a history of your pet in the car park, and then take your pet inside for an examination and appropriate treatment.
  • We also ask that - where possible -only 1 family member comes into our consultation rooms at a time. 
  • Please also do not come into the clinic if you are unwell or required to isolate by QLD Health.

We appreciate your understanding and will continue to update our advice in line with government recommendations.

Local quality veterinary care and advice for all animals

With a network of expertise across nine clinics from Atherton to Ayr, we've been a cherished part of our local communities for nearly fifty years.  We’ve helped thousands of animals from cats & dogs, guinea pigs & chickens, horses & cattle to reptiles & native wildlife including over 300 cassowaries!  You can rely on us for sound advice, professional care and a gentle touch.

Exceptional care

Through our network of caring vets and nurses we offer an unparalleled range of knowledge, insight and skill.  From cassowaries to cocker spaniels, our vets have diverse interests and specialities and bring together decades of experience with the latest research to provide your pet with the best possible care.

Local expertise

Each of our clinics is locally owned and managed.  We’re part of your community, supporting you to be the best pet owner you can be with our in-depth understanding of the unique environments, specialised needs and common challenges we all face across the tropics.

Personalised service

We understand how confusing and confronting your pet’s ill health can be.  You can trust us to listen to your concerns and carefully explain your options so you’re able to make informed care decisions for your beloved pet with us.

Keeping your pets safe and happy this holiday season

Holidays are relaxing and fun for humans, but can cause stress or sickness for our pets.  Here's our guide for a great festive season for the whole family.

Ask our friendly staff if you need any more information and we wish you all a wonderful and blessed time with your loved ones over this special time.

Beat the heat

Heat stress can kill, so help your pet stay cool with these simple tips:

  • try freezing treats in large ice cubes
  • fill a child's plastic pool with water for an instant refresher
  • walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon
  • ensure water is fresh and filled
  • keep long or thick hair and coats trimmed

Create a pet-safe Christmas tree

Christmas trees can be hazardous for many pets but there are ways to help disaster-proof your decorations.

  • Choose unbreakable ornaments and keep them high and well-secured on the tree
  • Keep electrical cords covered with plastic or cardboard tubes to avoid your pet chewing them, and unplug them when not in use
  • Avoid edible ornaments and poisonous plants like poinsettias, holly and mistletoe
  • Skip the tinsel which can damage your pet's digestive system if eaten
  • If your pet can't resist the tree, try spraying citronella lightly around the lower branches which may deter curious dogs and cats

Foods to avoid

No matter how much your four-legged friend pleads with you, stick to safe foods this summer.  Here are some of the dangers that need a firm NO!

  1. Ham bones or fat - may cause obstructions or pancreatitis
  2. Chocolate - may cause heart failure and seizures
  3. Onion or garlic - may lead to anaemia
  4. Sultanas - may cause kidney failure
  5. Corn cobs - cause dangerous obstructions in the bowel
  6. Macadamia nuts - may induce seizures

Of course, the very best food for your dog or cat all year round is its regular food.  If you need tips on treats, come and see us.

And remember to consider any treats in your pet's overall daily food intake so they can stay 'fit for life'!

Stressful situations

Your dog and cat rather like 'predictable'.  Predictable for them means safe.

Fireworks, new people, sounds and smells, travel, loud music and dancing might all be wonderful for us humans, but our four-legged family members mostly like things simple. 

So if you're having a party, consider leaving them to go to bed, putting them in their crate or shutting them away somewhere comfy until things quieten down.

And if you're leaving your pets in care for their own holiday, remember they will need to be vaccinated a few weeks before they check in to be fully protected.

For best health, animals in the Tropical North need to be vaccinated.

The best way to keep up to date with your pet's vaccinations, worming treatments and tick or flea prevention is simply to be on our Tropical Vets database.  We'll send you personalised reminders by text or email so you never need to worry about missing out.

Have a chat with us at your next appointment or call us today to make sure your contact details are current and your animal is fully protected for their age and situation.

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In an emergency it is important to get the right information to help your pet while you seek Veterinary assistance.  Our First-Aid app it is loaded with practical information and is free to download from the Apple or Android App Store.  After you've downloaded the app search for our clinic and get all our clinic information as well as a map to guide you.