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June is ‘Senior Pet Month’ at Tropical Vet Services.

As animals approach their senior years, they are more likely to develop health problems.

More specifically, common problems include: -

- Arthritis (stiffness, loss of muscle mass, trouble getting up)

This can be diagnosed and treated with some beneficial medications that are available for our pets.

- Dental disease (bad breath, discoloured teeth)

Sometimes just getting your pet on an appropriate diet is enough to help with their teeth. At other times, they may need treatment by our vet team to get their teeth well again.

- Kidney & Liver disease (drinking and urinating more, weight loss)

Blood and urine tests are best to diagnose these problems. All our clinics have in-house blood machines capable of doing full screening tests on your pet’s liver and kidneys.

- Cancer (lumps, bumps)

Cancer is very common in older pets. Lumps and bumps should be checked out whenever they are seen.

- Weight issues (either overweight or underweight)

Old pets very frequently can be overweight and this is a major health concern. Weight loss, especially if it is sudden, can also be a sign that something serious might be occurring in your pet.

- Eye problems (cataracts)

Old pets can have sight that starts to deteriorate. Sometimes there are things that can be done about this so get in and see one of our vets if you have any concerns.

During Senior Pet Month Tropical Vet Services is offering our senior patients (7 years or older) a special offer for those needing arthritis treatment and 10% discount on all in-house blood tests. Regular check-ups along with this blood screening for your older pets is vital in helping identify the early signs of these common diseases and illnesses and initiating an appropriate treatment plan.

For more specific information or advice please contact us at your nearest clinic.


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