Animal Advocacy

At Tropical Vets we don’t just care for your beloved pets.  We’re here for all animals in need, whether wild or domestic, sick or injured, lost or found.

Our Animal Advocacy programs include:

Cassowary Care

Dr Graham in Atherton is Australia’s leading expert in the veterinary care of cassowaries.  He has treated over 300 injured, sick or orphaned cassowaries over the last 25 years and has developed treatments and protocols that have saved the lives of countless adults and chicks, many of which are hit by vehicles on local roads each year.  You can help too by always driving with care in cassowary country and reporting injured animals.

Watch Dr Graham talking about his work in this video celebrating his nomination for the 2020 Australia Day Awards.


Wildlife Protection

From sea turtles to gliders we’re passionate about the diverse and unique wildlife around us and we’re always ready to help with injured animals.  We often work with Queensland Parks & Wildlife, Girringun Rangers and environmental groups, but we also have a huge network of wildlife carers and enthusiasts and our Tully vets occasionally run talks and workshops on wildlife care to keep our wonderful community educated and connected.  Follow our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our wildlife stories and events.

Animal Rescue

Every animal deserves a second chance, and we’re proud to support several rescue and refuge charities across our community including Angel-Paws Inc, Cassowary Coast Paws & Claws, Atherton District Animal Welfare Society (ADAWS), Friends of the Animals (FOTA) and Mareeba Animal Refuge.   Adopting a rescue is a great way to help, or you can donate food, bedding or time.  And of course the best thing you can do to prevent the suffering of unwanted animals is to make sure your pet is desexed. 


Our North Shore Townsville clinic looks after the military working dogs of the Royal Australian Air Force.  These extraordinary animals and their handlers provide security, crime prevention patrols, emergency response and intruder detection at the local RAAF base. The two main breeds of military working dogs used by the Air Force are the German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd Malinois and we're proud to contribute to their welfare.

Lost and found pets

We’re often contacted about lost and found pets and we’ll do our best to reunite them with owners through our network of clinics and our social pages.  Microchipping guarantees identification for your pet for its entire life so it’s your best protection from the heartache of a lost pet. 

Remote community clinics

We’re proud to operate regular remote clinics across Cape York where we bring preventative vet services to communities that otherwise can’t access vaccinations, desexing, worming, and flea & tick treatments.  These treatments can be life changing for the animals we see.